The Great Debate

We’re in the home stretch – exactly 2.5 weeks ’til competition time! I couldn’t be more relieved. To be honest this has probably been one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done, not because I can’t eat the foods I want (I’m pretty creative in the kitchen), but mainly because I’m so tired of constantly judging myself…and maybe I need a beer…or three.

In a matter of 3 years I’ve gone from ED rehab to fat (plain and simple) to “Let’s critique our bodies 24/7, but we’ll call it healthy.” It’s been a roller coaster to say the least and I really want to focus less on my body and more on my health and helping others achieve the same thing.

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I’ve told Carlos a thousand times over that I am proud of my body and the changes it’s made, but I’m not happy with it from a competition stand-point; I don’t think it’s ready. I’m constantly judging myself to the NPC’s standards instead of my personal image of health. If I weren’t competing in 2.5 weeks, I’d probably walk around in a bikini just to flaunt my 6-pack, but instead I stare at the little bit of fat left hanging on my thighs or love handles because they’re not stage-suitable. While I am extremely proud of Los and I for the dedication and self-control we’ve demonstrated over the last 10 weeks, I’m definitely looking forward to relaxing a bit and sculpting my body the way I see fit. I have loved this challenge for what it is; however, I learned a lot in therapy about obsessing over food and body image, and sometimes I think that a lot of girls who’ve been in my shoes choose fitness as an escape – it’s just a healthy alternative to an unhealthy lifestyle. So I’m ready for balance again, but I’m scared of what’s to come. I’m reverse dieting to avoid post-competition weight gain and I’m mentally preparing myself for the 5-8lbs of healthy weight I’m going to put on, but it’s still a lot to take on. What’s another challenge though?

That being said, I’m left to discuss the great debate that’s flooded my fitness-oriented Facebook and Instagram lately: IIFYM v. Clean Eating ::cue the dramatic tones:: And you’ll never guess where Simple Sally herself sits…right on the fence, as usual.

If It Fits Your Macros, or ‘If It Fits Your Mouth,’ as I like to call it, is the kind of diet plan designed for people who don’t have much self-control or desire to be truly health conscious. It’s for the Pop-Tart-Lovers and Oreo-Eaters (no shame in that game – I’m 100% Pro Pop Tart) of the Fitness World. You basically carry a calculator around in your pocket day-in and day-out, where you subtract the macro-nutrients in each meal from a designated daily total, and when you’re done…you’re done. Whether you’ve eaten 3 cheeseburgers that day or 12 salads, once you meet your mark the kitchen is closed. It’s like eating on a budget.

Clean Eating is more generic. It’s healthier food options (whole foods, organic, superfoods, etc), and once or twice a week you get an un-calculated, guilt-free cheat meal. These are the eaters who fuel their bodies with quality foods for better performance and who eat for health and longevity instead of looks and aesthetics. Maybe Paleo would fall into this category, but I’m still researching that diet fad – and tempted to give it a go, but more on that later.

Simplified, if you put low-grade fuel & oil in your Bugatti, it’s not going to run as long or as hard as a well-maintenanced sports car, but it still holds the Bugatti name, right? I’m determined to find that balance in the off-season. I never want to be a girl who preaches health and fitness, but is posted up eating Twinkies on the regular, nor do I want to hide in the shadows when Twinkie-Tuesday rolls around.

So as competition season comes to a much-celebrated close I’m going to continue to post, but I want to remove the focus from myself and center it more towards you all. I want to continue to better myself by sharing my knowledge and foodie experiments with others, so we’re going to get creative in the kitchen, creative in the gym and see where that takes us.

That being said, Carlos and I have dedicated ourselves to our bodies for 12-weeks and the results have been incredible, but I want to see what results we can achieve as “Average Joe’s” on a regular-man’s diet, and I want to help others do the same. Recently we teamed up with Dr. Shute and AdvoCare to help others gain the additional nutrition their bodies require. If you’re looking for any help, whether it’s with nutrition, working out, supplementation or just some motivation – feel free to e-mail me or Facebook me (all info is to the right) and we’ll get started, or if you want to take a look around our website and have any questions about the products or the ordering process just click on our picture below.


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