Why My Diet Won’t Work For You

I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about diet, and while nutrition is one of my strong suits, I am by no means qualified to give anyone a 100% fool-proof plan.  I have taken countless classes, read hundreds of articles, and experimented with my own body, but there are so many other elements that factor into the perfect balance of diet and nutrition.  I’ve also been asked by quite a few women (and a couple men) for my “secret” or my “diet;” so this is my opportunity to clear the air and address those topics.

Firstly, I’m extremely knowledgeable of the human body after nursing school, clinicals, managing a health facility and training for countless races, pageants, competitions and being an athlete since I can remember. Does that make me the guru of wellness? Of course not; I’m not even sure that exists. Everything you’ve heard or read can be misinterpreted or countered by an opposing study.  There has been evidence that weight loss is possible by restricting your diet to 30 days of only doughnuts. But a diet high in carbs, trans fats and sugars is going to wreak havoc on other health factors like cholesterol, muscle mass, diabetes and heart disease. But hey, at least you’ll be skinny-fat! So I encourage you to quit being lazy, avoid that “magic pill” that everyone is advertising, and simply educate yourself on the facts. Stop Eating Crap.

That being said, I learned in nursing school that there are thousands upon thousands of Americans who simply lack proper health education.  Statistics that I assumed were common sense were trivial and incomprehensible to a vast majority of people.  Also, the economy often hinders the ability of many to shop smart and healthy.  That’s where my interest was first sparked. I can make a healthy dish off of Wal-Mart shelves (no offense) and I can name at least two healthy(er) alternatives to any one item you throw at me. How? Because I’ve done my research, because I want to live healthier and because I wanted to change my lifestyle without missing out on cheesecake, blueberry muffins and loaded pizza.

Someone once told me that if I wanted to lose weight I’d have to “eat less and move more,” and for a long time I believed that. However, living that way only made me miserable, ruined my perception of a healthy body, and left me struggling with an eating disorder for 5 years. Now I eat 6 meals a day, do an average half an hour of cardio a day, and weight train 4-6 days a week. I’m moving a hell of a lot more, but I’m also eating a lot more; and I’ve lost 17lbs in 4 months, all the while losing 3 pant sizes — Holy Thunder Thighs, Batman.

photo 2 (5)

So I think it’s clear I know what I’m doing, but really I’m just listening to my body. Some people should monitor their sodium intake due to heart conditions and high blood pressure, some should watch their sugar intake due to diabetes; there are so many other elements that factor into health besides being skinny, and some people are predisposed to holding on to more fat than others. So before you assume that you could adjust to my lifestyle, or that a diet plan I make for you will cure you of any issues, note that you could be wrong.

Not to mention that right now I’m on a strict diet as I journey to the stage.  My goal body fat percentage is around 10; which is extremely unhealthy for a woman my age.  This is a temporary adjustment to my clean-lifestyle. Plus, you really have to commit to a goal to eat the same flavorless crap everyday for 12 weeks.

Would I like to make meal plans for everyone? Sure, assuming they’d follow it, which a good portion of people won’t; but hey, it makes me cash money, so I don’t really care. I’ll only help those who want to help themselves, so in the mean time do a little research on your own and see where you get. #ToughLove


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