Fall Seven Times

Stand Up Eight

So we all know that I’m a bartender, and I have been for a combined total of 8 years now (that’s disheartening).  I’m no stranger to drunken antics or being in a bar setting.  That being said, giving up alcohol for 12-16 weeks a year isn’t difficult for me.  I’ve always been able to go out with my friends and volunteer as a designated driver if need be, I’ve even been known to stop drinking once our nominated DD gets a little out of hand; however, I recently found myself struggling outside of my work environment. Not wanting to ruin anyone’s fun, it’s hard to be around a group of highly intoxicated people and have a good time.  A Super Bowl party of drinking games and fattening foods, while I sit in the corner with my tupperware; “this is better than being home alone,” I tell myself. But is it?

So I failed and I was blown off course, but after sending progress pictures to my coach who told me I was ahead of schedule, I have renewed dedication to this season’s diet.  No more slip-ups.  We are officially, as of today, 12 weeks and 4 days from my first show. That means if I’m going to get serious, now is the time.

This is my goal and my goal only. I don’t have the support I thought I did; I have compliments, but at the end of the day, people are still egging me on to eat something I can’t have or take a shot of something I don’t need. I had an amazing workout this morning, fueled by my own desire to win, and I’m prepping for round II of cardio. I can’t let someone else’s fun stand in my way of success…



About K_Lo

A beer and burger enthusiast. A lover of fitness and baking. Artist - straight up.
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