Here We Go Again…

Well, there you have it. I’ve decided to channel my time and energy into a healthier challenge. I’ve decided to begin my second attempt into the competitive world of body building.

I started my diet this morning, though I’ve been training/eating clean(er) since November 1. As I shoveled the 1/2c of plain oats and 4 boiled egg whites into my mouth I remembered just how hard this is going to be. I reached for the (light) cranberry juice; can’t have that. I reached for the peanut butter for my oatmeal; can’t have that. I wanted to make coffee; don’t like it black. Well…guess I’ll start my blog then…


This is “The Day Before.” My old team shirt, which was made to fit during my diet, fits the day before. I’m anxious to see how my body changes over the next 12 weeks.  People have a lot to say, mostly compliments and plenty of questions, so I can only imagine what it will be like once the winter sweaters and fat come off.  I need to document this journey; if I don’t, I’m afraid I’ll fail, and there are a lot of people routing me on this season. The most important of them all is Los. He’s not like the rest, he wants to see me succeed, but for my own personal satisfaction. He’s the one there pushing me to do this, but not because he wants a piece of arm candy to tote around the pool, because he wants to see me complete this unfulfilled goal.

Last time around I had nothing but laziness and gluttony surrounding me. Nobody cared if I were to win or lose, or if I even made it to the stage. I’ve got support this time. I’ve got help. And I’m going to do this…bland oatmeal and all.


About K_Lo

A beer and burger enthusiast. A lover of fitness and baking. Artist - straight up.
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